Red Hat Teaming Agreement

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SCOTTSDALE, ARIZ. – January 14, 2014 – Red Hat North America Partner Conference – Red Hat, Inc. (NYSE: RHT), the global leader in open source solutions, today announced new program boosts and improvements for its North American chain partner ecosystem. As companies look for ways to create and manage architectures to enter the open hybrid cloud, Red Hat has made significant efforts to improve its partnership program to provide additional benefits and support to Red Hat partners. The Red Hat canal ecosystem continues to grow and influences Red Hat`s total annual revenue of $1.33 billion in fiscal 2013. Partners remain a growth driver for Red Hat, which accounts for 60 percent of total bookings in fiscal 2013 and 65 percent in the last quarter (Q3FY14). One of the keys to the success of Red Hat`s partners over the years has been an open dialogue about what they need from Red Hat to help them meet market demands. This process has encouraged some improvements to Red Hat`s North America Partner program this year, including: Red Hat, a revamped partner, presented its revised North American Partner Program in September 2013. The program offers enhancements for red Hats Deal Registration and team interest programs, as well as for red Hats Online Partner Enablement Network (OPEN). Through North America`s revised partner program, Red Hat wants to develop and develop more relevant relationships with partners to help them differentiate themselves in the marketplace and be more profitable in their relationships with Red Hat. Red Hat has implemented, effective September 1, 2013, a new deal registration program that allows Red Hat Premier, Advanced and Ready business partners to gain additional benefits when a partner identifies New Red Hat`s new business opportunities and participates in a value-added pre-sales activity to support the growth of the Red Hat business. Red Hat`s Deal Registration Program focuses on new business opportunities and targeted distribution initiatives, in which Red Hat`s business partners have invested in identifying new customers or invested in free training on Red Hat`s integrated marketing campaigns. The benefits for registering new deals are 10 per cent for Red Hat Ready partners, 20 per cent for advanced partners and 25 per cent for De Premier partners.

Benefits for all partners include preferred resource allocation, increased margins, rewards for new business growth, sales direction and support through Red Hat sales and technical resources.

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