St Thomas Police Collective Agreement

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PoliceCadet awaits vacancies / Hiring Pool The St. Thomas Police Department accepts applications for the position of Chief of Police. The cadet program serves as an entry point for police officers in our police department. The position must develop these civilian members for future sworn police positions. The job description includes the following duties, but hearing officer Greg Walton ordered Cudney, a 20-year-old police officer, to lose seven days` pay and be demoted from a first-rate constaulator for a year to a fourth-class constabulator before he could move down the ranks. A first-rate constabulator`s salary is 99,179 $US, while a fourth-year constaulator receives 61,915 $US, pursuant to a 2019 st. Thomas Police Collective Agreement. St. Thomas Police counsel Ian Johnstone argued that Cudney should be fired, while defence counsel Phillip Millar was aiming for a seven-day pay withdrawal and a demotion for up to one year. “I can`t conclude that Const. Cudney has no prospect of rehabilitation and therefore . .

. . the possibility remains that he may become a productive police officer again, and another opportunity to serve his community is reasonable. Millar also questioned why the police wanted to punish Cudney`s ex-wife, who filed a character dismissal in which she said Cudney had “learned her lesson” and supported a sanction that included “advice and support” but not dismissal. A St. Thomas police officer convicted of malpractice resulting from an argument with his insane wife has been stripped of his rank for a year, a demotion that will cost him tens of thousands of dollars in lost wages. “It seems to be a punishment for trying to get a hearing,” Millar said of the police`s decision to seek the heaviest sentence. But Walton said he had not received any documents showing that Cudney had sought professional help, and noted that the officer had never apologized. Forecast Job Openings / Hiring Pool The St. Thomas Police Department is looking for an experienced system administrator/technical support who works in a team environment with our current IT staff. You work in a dynamic and fast-paced environment that requires a high level of expertise in supporting an average multi-server, Windows Server 2019 Core/GUI and Linux environment. “It was in this case that Const acted.

Cudney is physically aggressive towards his insane wife and the case is serious, but I am not convinced that the seriousness of the fault is so monstrous that it must justify dismissal alone,” Walton wrote in his disposition. St. Thomas Police is still pleased with the applications of experienced public servants. Our police service offers a competitive salary and an excellent package of benefits, including recognition of past experiences and lifetime benefits grants. Experienced officers can obtain their CV c/o Deputy Chief Roskamp ( . Walton`s 48-day provision contained a summary of Cudney`s career that contained several accolades, a history of mixed assessments, two previous convictions for malpractice and a previous criminal complaint that was withdrawn. “If they were closer to this incident over time, the previous fault would have brought me so much closer to dismissal,” the retired OPP Superintendent wrote. “Const. Cudney will not have that advantage if he commits any more mistakes in the future. Police had offered Cudney a preliminary solution to lose 240 hours` pay – about $15,000 – but Millar said his client had decided to fight the charge.

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